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FAQ’s - Home Insurance

Do I need home insurance?

Yes, if you own a home, having home insurance is critical. Aside from smartly protecting a large financial asset and its contents, all lenders require buyers to purchase a homeowners insurance policy.  If you intend to take out a mortgage to buy a home or simply want to cover yourself against a potential loss, you’ll need home insurance. So why not get the very best?

What is typically included in home insurance?

Home insurance typically covers your home, other structures on your property, certain possessions inside your home, and liability (for example, stemming from injuries that take place at your home). Insurance won’t prevent accidents from occurring, but it will provide a financial safety net when the unexpected happens.

However not all home insurance is created equal. Hippo has taken steps to determine what types of coverage you truly need and we’ve enhanced our policies to offer best-in-class protection.

We know what drives home insurance claims, hence Hippo includes coverages to ensure homeowners can replace or repair the items that run their home. First, we included enhanced coverage for appliances to our policies, so equipment like your refrigerator and washer and dryer are covered and don’t cause you a headache when it comes time to replace them. Then we pulled in enhanced water backup and service line coverage, so a burst pipe or leak, in or outside of your home won’t kill your budget for the year.

We also fully embrace the latest smart home technology to help detect problems early and, when possible, prevent damage from taking place. We offer smart home discounts for all customers with monitored smart home devices and partner with smart home companies to offer clients occasional gifts and promotions.

How does Hippo’s coverage compare to other home insurance?

Hippo has developed the first smart home insurance product for today’s homeowners that fits into their current lifestyle. For example, we’ve added 4x more coverage than our competitors for items like home electronics and smart appliances so your home office and video alarm system are fully covered.


How do I switch to Hippo from my current insurer?

You can switch your home insurance provider any time during your policy contract. But we know that switching insurers can bring up visions of daunting paperwork. Oftentimes, insurers will issue a refund if you've cancelled before your renewal date, for the unused portion of the contract. We’ll help you fill out the paperwork to cancel your policy and secure your potential refund, with only a few clicks and calls.

Simply call us at 1-951-288-7772 to discuss how we can help you switch insurers

Do you sell condo insurance?

We sure do. You’ll be asked if you live in a home or condo right after you enter your property address online, and we’ll start your quoting process from there.

Do you sell Renters insurance?

No, we are solely focused on homeowners and their specific needs.

About Hippo

Why the name "Hippo"?

To be honest we just really like the name, and now it seems our customers do too! 

How long have you been around?

Hippo was founded in 2015 and began selling policies in 2017. Our insurance partners have been around for decades and insure hundreds of thousands of homes across the U.S.

What is your financial rating?

Hippo works exclusively with top-rated insurance partners who hold the risk on our policies are are all rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best, the most recognized insurance rating authority. Learn more about A.M. Best here.

Hippo’s Services

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Investment Homes

Rental Properties

Landlord Policies

Earthquake Insurance

Flood Insurance

Umbrella Policies

Homes in higher risk for Fire or Flood

How can I contact you?

Sales or New Policies at (951) 288-7772

Existing Policy Service or Changes (800) 858-0705

Claims (855) 999-9746

What happens if I need to submit a claim?

Hippo strives to make claims an easy, painless process. To do this, we provide a dedicated claims advocate to all customers who submit a claim. This single point of contact will work aggressively to manage your claim related needs and ensure you obtain the best and most effective resolution as quickly as possible. They will assist in communications with adjusters, service providers and even help book hotels or transportation if necessary. Check out our claims philosophy on our claims page and call us 24/7 at 1-855-999-9746 if you need to submit a claim.